Web design

Arepa Zabdi

Lenguajes: php, javascript, hooks
Design tools: elementor, adobe xd

E-commerce colombian builded with wordpres and woocommerce with elementor and own design with UI UX


Lenguajes and frameworks : HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL.

Website for a technology conference in Spanish, with some effects with jQuery.
With the possibility to realize payments with PayPal.

Design web page for Restaurant

Programs used: Adobe XD

Is need to request from the client which colours he prefers, and he has the images for the web page

A prototype is made of the page with the powerful program Adobe XD that allows to have prototyped animate.

This allows to implement UI UX, better fonts, colours for the subject of the web page and save time at the moment for do it.

The client sees through the link or in format jpeg, PNG.

The client will say that liked and did not like it.

The client and me already will agreement and the web design will be delivered or (if the client wants that I’ll do it) Web page online…

This web page is made in Elementor

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